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Demo Reel

Career Highlights

A man talking on the radio

The Unusual Spectators

Out of all my performances, nothing brought the “wow” factor quite like this one. After spending weeks preparing for this role and setting my own expectations extremely high, I was eager and excited to get out there and perform. The reaction from audiences has been incredible, and I received excellent feedback from critics.

Every performance is special. Contact me to learn more.

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Voice Acting

  • 1 h
  • Nonunion Rates
  • Olympia

Service Description

Voiceover is all about different ranges of voice characters. I could play a calm and soothing mothers voice, an anxious, panicky wood fairy, or a powerful, evil empress. Nothing makes me happier than crafting different personalities and diving into abundant variations of fantasy worlds!

Contact Details

  • Olympia, WA, USA


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